Super Immunity Chi Kung

The Ninja Doctor Presents…

“Why The Ninjas Never

Got Sick.”

Learn The Secret to Being Disease-Free Forever!

Dear Friend,

I never understood how the Ninjas did it, until now.

For years I walked into martial arts schools and watched how certain martial arts masters never got any kind of disease. Some of these teachers were over 80 years old and throwing us around like we were rag dolls.

Was it their diet? Most of them ate healthy food but not much different than most of us. Some of these masters ate more than their share of junk food! So, it wasn’t their diet.

Was it good genes? They were Chinese, Japanese and European-American. There was nothing genetically similar about them at all.

Were they seeing some kind of special Healer? Some of these Masters were seeing Healers of various kinds but not all of them were. And when they did, it was for minor injuries or minor aches or pains. Nothing serious.

These Guys Were Not Getting Sick from Disease

Like Everybody Else!

For years I watched how students and instructors from time to time were getting sick from diseases of all kinds, but not these Masters. Everybody else was getting minor and/or major diseases from viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, eating too much junk food, too much anger or worry, or from genetic diseases that “ran in the family.”

Having been a licensed medical doctor since 1987, my medical curiosity got the best of me. I started asking questions.

However, these guys did not give up their secrets easily.

Question after question would only lead to pieces to the puzzle. Over the years, I got more and more pieces but not the whole puzzle.

My years of searching for the secret to how these guys stayed so healthy filled several shelves of books and videos in my library on various forms of self-healing techniques and techniques for healing others, from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Again, they only gave pieces to the puzzle.

My search also lead me to seminars in the Americas and overseas.

My work with a Mayan Shaman since 1996 lead to more and more hints.

I began to understand when I gathered what I learned over more than 12 years and started experimenting with various techniques and combinations of techniques.

I Finally Figured Out Their Secret!

When I started feeling changes in my body just like what these Martial arts Masters and other teachers have been hinting at for years, I knew I was finally getting it.

My medical practice involves seeing children from age 3 to teen-age years every day, who were tracking into my office all sorts of viruses, bacteria, parasites and other “bugs” with their coughs, sneezes and sticky little hands.

I had the perfect place to test whether these secret techniques were going to keep me from getting diseases.

And these techniques worked!

The other doctors and nurses in the clinic were getting sick from disease, but I wasn’t.

After more than 12 years of putting the puzzle pieces back together, I figured out what they were doing. And I’ve been getting the same results.

From what I learned, I put together a DVD program that teaches you a simple set of movements that I call Super Immunity Chi Kung.

Super Immunity Chi Kung is Unlike Anything
You’ll Find in Books and Videos.

These simple but extremely powerful exercises can be done in 5 minutes, twice a day. That’s all.

Since I have made these exercises available to the public, scores of people have used them and have given me extremely positive feedback.

Super Immunity Chi Kung has exactly the kinds of exercises secretly passed down from generation to generation for the purpose of increasing the body’s vital energy (Life Force) to stop disease.

Here is what you should know about Super Immunity Chi Kung:

  • Very easy to do. If you can stand on your two feet, you can do them!
  • These powerful exercises do NOT require great physical strength. In fact, the more relaxed you are when doing them, the better they work.
  • Even after doing these exercises the first time, you will actually feel an increase in your vital energy.
  • After one day of using these exercises, you will look in the mirror and see a healthy glow around your face, and you will look younger and healthier.
  • These exercises are the secret natural solution master martial artists have used
    for centuries to avoid getting disease.
  • Techniques such as the ones in Super Immunity Chi Kung have been studied in large universities in China and found to restore health and protect against disease just like the ancient masters promised!
  • You cannot get these kinds of powerful effects from simply doing regular exercises or taking vitamins.
  • Increases your vital energy (Life Force) so that you not only look and feel healthier, you will also have a clear mind and sharper focus.
  • You’ll have more energy during the day and require less sleep at night.
  • Injuries will heal faster.
  • As your vital energy increases, so does your sexual health. You’ll look sexier and give off an attractive, sexy energy others will notice right away.
  • As you become healthier and have more vital energy, your eyes will sparkle with vitality and mental clarity.

Although the ancient and modern masters only hinted at their secret, they were loud and clear about what these simple exercises could do for those who practiced every day:

  • Create complete protection from diseases like infections, cancer, aging and mental wasting (that is, diseases like Alzheimer’s).
  • Charge your body with so much vital energy your life span will increase beyond 100 years, all the while having a healthy and strong mind and body.
  • Produces a strong and healthy interest in sex, which is a strong sign of good health!

Although the exercises in Super Immunity Chi Kung are so simple and easy a child can do them, they have the power to literally change your life!

When I saw what these kinds of exercises were doing for my martial arts teachers, I jumped at the chance to discover their secrets.

Wouldn’t You Want to Know Their Secret to
Never Getting a Disease?

Wouldn’t you want to have a healthy and vital body, mind and sex life well past your 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s?

Don’t you think doing some simple exercises 5 minutes, twice a day, is worth the trouble for staying strong and healthy your whole life?

If your answer is yes, yes and yes, you’ll want to order Super Immunity Chi Kung (DVD) right away.

Although it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is putting out a book or video on Chi Kung, Super Immunity Chi Kung is far more powerful than anything I’ve seen taught to the general public.

This is because I give you the key that unlocks your body’s ability to absorb Prana (Universal Life Force) from the energy field of the Universe to a level that dramatically recharges and revitalizes your body’s ability to fight disease.

The Chi Kung described in books and videos these days has only basic movements typically taught to beginning students. This is because Chi Kung masters are not willing to share their family secrets with the masses.

Super Immunity Chi Kung goes way beyond the basic movements. Through years of study, research, testing and re-testing, I re-discovered what was missing.

Super Immunity Chi Kung Has Two Essential
Elements Not Taught to the Public.

These two crucial elements, turbo-charge Super Immunity Chi Kung.

One of these essential elements is the internal movements that were originally part of Chi Kung teachings but now kept secret and hidden from the masses.

These internal movements have been the “family secrets” handed down from generation to generation through secret transmission traditions.

The other element is even more secret and will not be discussed any further here, but these two elements are thoroughly explained and demonstrated on the DVD.

Super Immunity Chi Kung (DVD), in addition to the basic movements, contains these two essential elements and makes Super Immunity Chi Kung a hundred times more powerful than anything else I’ve seen available.

A famous Chi Kung master is quoted as saying, “This [kind of movement] wards off all illnesses,” referring to internal movement exercises that are also an essential ingredient of Super Immunity Chi Kung. I know that is a tall order, but that’s what he said.

You can have all of this secret knowledge for an incredible price of $97 USD. When you consider all the time and resources spent during my quest to gather the secrets in this DVD over the past 12 years, I think you’ll agree this price is more than fair.

In fact, $97 USD is a very small price to pay compared to the cost of just one emergency room visit, let alone a few days in the hospital or several days absent from work if you catch a disease because someone coughed or sneezed in your face or because you sat down and ate a donut with your fingers and forgot to wash your hands first.

Super Immunity Chi Kung is ready to be shipped to you as soon as your order is processed.

Within a few minutes of watching this DVD, you will be on your way to doing what traditional healers have done for centuries to stop diseases in their tracks.

Stay Healthy, Happy and Alert!



P.S. As a special bonus, everyone who orders Super Immunity Chi Kung will receive a copy of Ninja Sexual Power Secrets e-book (a $69 value) at no additional cost.  This e-book alone is worth the entire price of the package.

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Disclaimer: Although Super Immunity Chi Kung has been used for centuries by Asian Warrior-Healers to build a fortress of Super Immunity, it has not been evaluated by the FDA or other government agency to diagnose, cure or prevent disease or illness.


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